Redigerad bild från Madison Square Garden 1 November

Bild tagen och redigerad av Carmen Bernu.

Ed tar emot en plakett för över 10 miljoner tags på Shazam


Ed om att jobba med Peter Jackson

Yesterday, The Hobbit director Peter Jackson pulled back the curtain on “I See Fire,”the Ed Sheeran song that will play over the closing credits of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. As Jackson explained on his Facebook page, the process began when the two had lunch during Sheeran’s tour through New Zealand, and continued after Jackson brought Sheeran in to view the movie and work on the song.


Sheeran has worked with a number of high-profile musicians—including Taylor Swift and Lupe Fiasco—but “I See Fire” was his first collaboration with a filmmaker. “He was fantastic,” Sheeran tells EW. “At every point where I’d be adding something, I’d play him the song afterwards. I was there for three days, and at the end of every day he would come and listen to the song and give me notes.”

“He knows what he wants,” he continued, “but he doesn’t pretend to be musical in any way. He let me go on with it, but he also knows his movie, so he would tell me something needs to be less energetic, or more relaxed, or whatever. He knows the colors and templates of what the song should be rather than how the melody should go.”

Sheeran’s also a longtime devotee of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien—The Hobbit was the first book his dad read to him as a child, and Sheeran’s grandfather owns a first edition of the novel. His work on The Desolation of Smaug had to fit into a tight schedule; Sheeran will wrap his world tour on Thursday night with a third sold-out concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Even for a Brit, that’s a big deal: “My dad grew up watching boxing, and he always said that once you played Madison Square Garden, you know you’ve made it,” he says.

Sheeran is also nearly finished with his new Rick Rubin-produced album, due next year.



Ed får en plaket 15-miljon skivor sålda över hela världen


Officiella "I See Fire" videon

When Sir Peter Jackson was searching for the perfect artist to write a song for the second Hobbit film, he took advice from someone very close to home – daughter Katie.


The 17-year-old Samuel Marsden Collegiate School pupil urged him to listen to English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran before he toured New Zealand earlier this year.

“She said that I just had to listen to him, and that he could be the perfect fit for the end of the film . . . and she was right,” Jackson told an exclusive fan event at the Embassy Theatre yesterday.

“After I asked him, he jumped on a plane and got here as quick as he could.”

Sheeran was given a special viewing of The Desolation of Smaug – which is not due for release until mid-December – and immediately set to work writing a song, which he called I See Fire, in a room at Park Road Post in Miramar.

“He wrote and recorded it almost all in the same day, so what you’re seeing is a direct reaction to Ed watching the film,” Jackson told the audience.

Sheeran tweeted yesterday to say “big up” to Jackson and his team for the opportunity to record the song.

“I got the chance to produce and play all the instruments on it, apart from the cello. Managed to learn violin for a day, hope you all dig it.”

In the clip of Sheeran performing I See Fire, Katie can be spotted filming him with her cellphone while he records the song.

She said yesterday that watching Sheeran during the creative process gave her a “whole new appreciation” for what musicians did.

“It was so impressive. He got the work done so professionally and quickly, and put his own voice into it.”

She had been a Sheeran fan for years, and felt his style of music was the perfect fit for the closing credits.


You can read Peter Jackson’s full account of how Ed was brought in to create the film’s end-credits song HERE

Ed kommer sjunga sista låten i nya Hobbit filmen

Låten heter "I See Fire" och finns på Itunes.

Ed uppträder på klubb i NYC


Singer includes rare throwbacks and unreleased music in intimate Mercury Lounge show.

NEW YORK — Mario and Luigi rip off their mustaches and chug a cup of beer; minions from “Despicable Me” take turns getting drinks from the bar so as not to lose their spot in the crowd; a female Waldo endures a long night of “I found him, guys!” and a gingerbread man steps onstage with a guitar to croon some tunes.

If one hadn’t known any better, it would have been easy to confuse the Mercury Lounge on Halloween night with a land of children’s characters past. But upon closer inspection, one would have realized that these zany characters crowding around the small stage were the 200 fans lucky enough to gain entry to debatably the hottest show of the night, and that gingerbread man onstage strumming his guitar and working that loophole like it’s nobody’s business was none other than Ed Sheeran.

Returning to the venue that housed his first-ever New York City gig 18 months ago, Ed waddled his best gingerbread man waddle onto the stage, greeted the crowd with a humble hello and went right into one of his earliest songs, “She.” The crowd let out an audible gasp of excitement before singing along to every word; opening with such a throwback meant that this Halloween night would be filled with way more treats than tricks.

While recapping the entire night would be a personal pleasure for us, we’ll settle for presenting the top five memorable moments — and trust us, this was a painful elimination process


Läs mer HÄR.



Ed Sheeran med Sesame Street

31 Oktober spela Ed in ett avsnitt för "Sesame Street" som kommer visas i USA 2014.

Ed stödjer Prizeos Let's Fuck Cancer kampanj

OBS. Man kan inte delta från Sverige.

Lady Antebellum Sweden

En sida som ni borde kolla in är Lady Antebellum Sweden. Det är en sida som handlar om bandet Lady Antebellum som sjunger country. Bloggen uppdaterar om vaf som händer med bandet och bandmedlemarna. Tryck HÄR eller på bilden för att komma till sidan.

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